Dear readers

Assalamu alaikum. Hope you are keeping well, so are we. Everyone has some troubles and tribulations and we are no exception to them. Every nation has got their own and international common problems as well. Bangladesh has its own problem too, no matter how big or small they are. In the recent years the country is facing a plethora of problems like abuse of human rights, woman and child rights. But child killing particularly felicide has gone afar. To ease the pressing problems of the peoples, social scientists of the modern world are trying to address the problems, devising some while implementing others. As these scientists try to avoid taking help of the modern religious edictsto shoot these social troubles. In most cases their theories or models end up in little success not in a grand one. People from time immemorial looked for easing their own lives and shoot the troubles on their own way though not successfully always. The inventions of social theories or models to curb the killing, maiming or intimidating child have been abundant diametrically the success rate is very low. These section of social scientists also use the popular media to popularize their models or social theories in their respective societies. Sometimes the social policy makers import some social theories from foreign lands, avoiding the homegrown models, to solve such crises. But the social problems persist perpetually. To keep you updated about the latest social woes we are running the cover story on the social malaise like child right abuse. Hope you will like and raise voice against it.

Hope to return to you next month.

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