Ginger a wonderful medicinal plant -Dr.Md. Kabiruzzaman Shaikh

Ginger is picked from underground part of the plant. Usable that part is called rhizomes. To use and preserve, the rhizomes must be dried.

The ginger plant is 7-15 cm. long ,3 -6 cm wide and 0.5-1.5 cm thick. The drug is one kind of compressed rhizome. Which is Produced from ginger plant under groundly. It looks like short, abovate, oblique and somewhat flat branched. Each branch exhibiting a depressed scar at the apex. In our country ginger seeded in rainy season and herbested in winter season.

Ginger plant is cultivated commercially in Asian tropical countries, like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. But it cultivated notably in Jamaica and Nigeria.

Botanical name: Zingiber officinale.

Chemical   constituents:
Ginger contains 05 – 08 percent resinous substance, like gingirol. It also contains 0.25-3.00 percent volatile oil, 50 percent starch and 2.00-3.00 percent protein.

General use:
Ginger is used generally as spice. As a spice it is aromatic, digestive &carminative. It is also used as condiment.

Medicinal value:
Ginger is most commonly used as an anti-emetic herbal drug. It cures motion and morning sickness both, including nausea. It also used to treat colic, flatulence, acidity, ulcer, arthritis and depression. Ginger also used as anti-inflammatory remedy. Recently a journal of American association for cancer research – published that, a team of medical researcher of ‘Michigan Medical University of U.S.A.” found that ginger has anti-inflammatory activities in rectal infection. To prove it they choice 15numbers of rectal disordered patient and feed them two gm ginger daily for 28 days. On the other hand, they choice another 15 numbers of same patient and give them placebo tab. For 28 days. As a result, the researcher team found that, first group of patients are most healed than next group.

The team of those fellows said ginger also have a wonderful remedy power to kill female ovarian cancer cells.

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