Summa – Bosniaca

Sead Emric presents the new serie ‘Summa – Bosniaca’ first at the ARTEVIDA, the Center for Culture and Arts in Slovenian capital city Ljubljana, and soon after at the City Gallery in Bosnian city Jajce, also known as the historical place of the Bosnian kings.
‘Summa – Bosniaca’ is composed of his recent paintings, prints and drawings. Through the abstract compositions Sead Emric summarizes the characteristic shapes of the Bosnian landscape and cultural monuments, that merges into ‘the vision of Bosnia’, the idea often explored by established Bosnian artists such as Mersad Berber, Dzevad Hozo i Safet Zec.
Emric ‘s paintings show a relief structure with expressive colours that represent the ‘flesh and blood’ of Bosnia. In addition, ‘Summa – Bosniaca’ possess a certain romantic dimension of Bosnia as a place of the ancient symbols of the past empires, still felt and recognized today.

Here are the Highlights from the serie ‘Summa – Bosniaca’
Sead Emric / Summa – Bosniaca / Courtesy of the Artist
Sead Emric / Summa – Bosniaca / Courtesy of the Artist

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