The Beauty of Islam

Avoid unnecessary things:
A Muslim firmly believes that he should not earn more than what is necessary about food, clothing and accommodation for him and family members. If he engages himself in difficult pursuits for wealth, it will darken his heart just as too much cloud darkens the sky. Excess in wealth, in speech and in anything does not lend beauty to Islam. If this principal were adopted, there would be an end of quarrels and disputes as in that case there will be no greed. To relate stories or hold other frivolous conversations, which are not necessary, comes in this category. The best surrender is, therefore, to give up unnecessary things.

Use your tongue properly:
We can realize that it is astonishing as well as wonderful to be able to speak. Our dearest Prophet (buh) said: “Allah’s great and countless mercy is that He has given us so many things to live and survive in this world. Tongue is one of them.” We cannot express our opinions to the others without the tongue. We spend a lot of time talking to others. However, we should consider whether everything we speak is true or not? Making mistakes is not bad but it is bad to hide those telling lies.

Do not make the people laugh telling lie:
When a man tells a lie, he drops out a very bad smell in the air. This is a bad habit to tell lies to make people laugh. Allah’s messenger (pbuh) said: “Woe to him who tells lies to make people laugh-woe to him, woe to him!” (Ahmad & Tirmidhi)
A man slips more by his tongue than foot. One day a person asked the Prophet to point out one thing that he must do at all times, and the Prophet (pbuh) said to him: “Do not tell a lie.”

Md. Moshiur Rahman

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