Rules for Food and Drink

Hazrat Jaber (RAA) is reported that Abu Humaid, one of the Ansars, came from Naqi with a pot of milk to the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet (pbuh) said: why have you not covered it even by placing a wood thereon?
(Bukhari & Muslim)

Do not keep your food and drink open:
A human being cannot deny the importance food and drink in his or her daily life. However, do we know the hygienic rule for food and drink?  Is there any rule, system, guideline for us or not? Yes, the holy Prophet (pbuh) as a world-teacher did not leave this question unsolved. He ordered us to keep out utensils of food and drinking jars and pots covered at all times and especially at night. This is of immeasurable value from sanitary point of view as many worms or flies carrying germs of various diseases may fall in water unnoticed and undetected.
The habits of cleanliness will lead us to the goal:
Modern medical opinion also lays special stress upon the covering of utensils and jars and articles of food. Owing to the neglected of this instruction said by the illiterate Prophet more than 14 hundred years ago, the Muslims mostly fall victims to infectious diseases. They should remember that, that their beloved Master taught them even the minutest things necessary in respect of clean habits of all kinds. These habits of cleanliness will lead to clean eating, clean drinking, clean dressing, clean appearance and clean habits of all kinds. These habits of cleanliness will lead to cleanliness of mind, which will ultimately take us to the goal.

Md. Moshiur Rahman

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