Kazi Falguni Eshita#

Dear females,
Life has taught me not to trust you.
I’m sorry, but I can never be an open book,
Even if you want me to.

Who knows my affection, then?
They’re all males, just a fist- full,
For them, I’m always thankful.
Ever since childhood, I was an outcast,
Agony often caused emotional outburst.
You pushed me down, you gave me pain,
Let me ask: what did you gain?

Dear females,
Life has taught me not to love you
Loving is a sin, thanks, you showed that too.
Why did it happen? When?
I just don’t know how.
You made me do what was not meant to be,
You had brought out the stone-side of me.

Dear females,
This is not so easy, being a girl
This literally made my mind swirl.
You couldn’t take, what I wanted to give,
There were things, quite hard to believe.

They pulled me up, held me from being broken,
That soft sis in me? Yes, they did awaken.

Dear females,
Am very sorry to say,
Away from my heart, is where you will stay.

Little males have that power, they really can heal.
Special corners of my heart? Yes, they did steal.

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