Editorial July 2015

Dear Readers
Assalamu alaikum wa mabruk al Eid at the end of Ramadan. Happy fasting month to you! It is the month when the Quranic verse on education for the whole humanity was revealed. Read in the name of Allah— was the first order to a person who represented most of the illiterate people of the world. Education was then earmarked only for the ruling class across the world. On the 17th Ramadan the first Quranic verse was revealed and literacy was liberated. For education educational institutes are mainly responsible. So it is high time to choose Ramadan to publish an article on the how to choose a good school which will groom people like those of the greatest sons and daughters of the planet. Hope you will like it.

Dear new ‘sayem’
We take the privilege to congratulate the young people who have started fasting this year for the first time in their life. Fasting in the month of June is the longest in Bangladesh. Those who have started fasting afresh this year will have such long fasting days after around 35 years. In my childhood I started fasting in June three decades back. Take fluid, fruits, vegetables as much as possible but less rich dishes to feel better in Ramadan. Meet you soon inshallah. n

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