Dear subscribers

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Hope you are keeping well by the grace of Allah in the face of different types of threats of both man-made and natural alike. On the one hand there is intermittent small earthquakes and Indian cowing Bangladeshis into not eating beef cuisine on the other. Dependence on Indian and Chinese products to cater to the Bangladeshi demands involves many other risks. The nation needs to rise on its own feet. It needs revolution in education first then self-sufficiency and revolution in green, dairy, poultry, manpower, electricity etc sectors. The cover story picks up one of these issues that is dairy revolution. Hope you will like to read the essay on ‘The Cow’.
Dear readers
The world is growing complex increasingly. To know all about intricacies and to sustain in this world you need to read, read and read. As a citizen of a developing country like Bangladesh studying is a must to keep pace with the people of emerging China and particularly the Indians with whom we have a great trade imbalance. We need to be very diplomatic, multilingual, technologically advanced and provided that we must be socially just, having no thief and beggar in Bangladesh.
See you soon inshaAllah. n

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