Editorial April 2015

Dear subscribers
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulillah.

Hope you are not suffering and failing to do what will transcend beyond the national boundaries. It is really troublesome to do something important for all ages.The cover story tries to capture the tension of not being temporary. From time immemorial everyone wants a berth in history, be it with good deeds or bad. Mortal men’s endeavor to be immortalwas alwayswithout cease. The human temptation, to be etched on the memory of people, to construct something that will never be pulled down to earth and to propound flawless theories that will work as proverb, is as historical as the human history itself. Many things transcended time in the past and a few things of today is most likely to sustain in far future. Established in 1921 Dhaka University and some educational institutions in the 20th century may be some of them provided thatthey are functioning up to the world standard. Some zilla schools like Jessore and Barisal along with some court buildings like Chittagong have already crossed the century mark.Hope you will like it and also hope Bangladesh will celebrate centennials for centuries or as long as the world exists, being sustainable in everything.

Hope to return to you next month inshaallah.

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