Positive Thought

Md. Ferdos Rahman (Moni)

The other day, I was sitting in a fallow land, a teenage approached to me to persuade me altogether so that I could acquire milk off him. He piqued my curiosity as he added to make both ends meet thus. I, subsequently, suggested putting forward for consideration to touch the next door neighbor but to no avail. He simply mouthed off, “Enough. Only for half a liter a day, how?” I told him in retort they would be five in number soon. So be patient for the betterment you hope. Two or three months later they must take more than usual but it had failed to live up to the expectation. They take three liters of milk now-a-days from another one.
We must know Socrates’ Test for Disciple. A disciple once asked Socrates, “Sir, you ask every one who wants top become your disciple to look into the pond and tell you what he sees, why is it so?” Socrates replied, “It’s quite simple. One who sees the fish swimming around, I accept him. Others who see their own reflection are in love with their ego. I have no use for them.” There is no denying the fact that those who can see only his own reflection do not have the right to be my disciple.
Through the above-mentioned anecdotes, it’s axiomatic that there lie two themes, one is outer (superficial meaning) and the other is inner (connotative meaning). We should, of course, not think of its outer meaning only, but look through its inner meaning too. We find its best expression in the line considered as a catch word, “Many a little, makes a mickle.”

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