Children Concerns

Belal Hossain and Abu Muaj #

When anything goes wrong to a person it remains as a personal problem. If it becomes recurrent in a society it becomes a social problem. In this way a social problem turns out to be national and going out of border it becomes international. Social problems vary from society to society. In the UK we the issues (children) think that people drink alcohol and cause public nuisance. It is not a big social problem when they drink at home knowing their limit. It becomes a public concern when they drank too much alcohol and vomit in public places. They feel dizzy and when they are dizzy they feel like not eating anything that’s the major health issue and that way people are being affected. National Health Service of the UK has to spend a lot for the alcoholic problems.
Taking drugs by the seniors is another social issue that affects child health. This means that if your neighbours take drugs then you’re either least safe or unsafe this is because if your neighbour is friend with you then you are not safe. If friend you are in danger of copying him but if not friend with your neighbours then you are more likely to be unsafe as you need neighbour.
If one of your inmates takes drugs then your whole family is in great danger. The addicted family member might not take enough food or might sleep too much or too less. This member of your family might steal and sell your belongings of your dads or any other member of the family in order to buy more drugs.
War is another that issue that affects the health. This is when the war takes place the markets or shops are closed. When the electricity can’t be supplied to your house then there will be no gas for the gas oven or any other types of ovens. Poor children are easily recruited for war though such conscription is forbidden. War children are never totally healthy.
Unemployment of parents is another issue that affects your health. This is when your parents don’t earn enough money they can’t buy enough food for the family. Low intake of necessary calories in the growing years is most likely to affect your health. Unemployment raises the risk of drug addiction, despair and other problems. Unemployed youths become easily drawn into drug peddling or human trafficking.
Boys can thank Allah that they are hardly exploited sexually but for female unemployment can be appalling in terms sexual exploitation. A good number of female workers in work can’t protect themselves from sexual harassment. Women without work and financially unsound are most likely to fall prey to physical exploitation as their vulnerability becomes very high. Poverty lies in the neighbourhood of infidelity.

Adulterated could be highly harmful to human health which is social concern in many countries in the world though not in the UK. Carbide is used to ripen fruits, fishes are treated with formalin, and chemical dyes are used for colouring food stuff. These concerns are common in countries like Bangladesh.
Littering public places is common in a large number Asian countries. In a country citizens not only enjoy personal property but also social and state properties. These common properties like roads, community centres, places of worship, playgrounds etc are shared by everyone. It is said that those who leave his or her city littered with bottles, cans and other rubbishes take no pride in their countries. Naturally these countries rich in sandy soil are dusty. Absence of available dustbins in the cities of these countries also tempt people to throw leftovers here and there. Moreover people are not very conscious in ridding their garbage. Some cultural habits like carrying bags for multipurpose are absent. Authorities concerned liable for ensuring clean cities are also responsible for such habits. The scavengers of these city corporations are not well-paid or well-managed. Untimely and unplanned construction works both by private and public sectors complicate the cleanliness drives. Plausible cleanliness campaigns are not seen to be initiated by mosques, temples, churches, pagodas, synagogues or guruduaras. Some campaigns from during Friday prayers may effectively keep the adjacent areas of over thousands of mosques in Dhaka, Chittagong and other cities in Bangladesh. Leaders of diverse places of worship can take the advantages of religious gatherings to keep the adjacent areas neat and clean.

Apart from littering political turmoil also dogs these societies. It affects child health and education. Unstable situation in such countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, India are responsible for weak psycho-physical health of young people. The children of these states become disillusioned about political as well as other social and voluntary activities. Sense of insecurity prevails everywhere. They become shaky and vulnerable without sound health and mind. It turns into deprivation, creating an unhealthy situation for the children. They lose their tenderness. Educational development is hampered. They fail to take pride in the glories of their motherland.

In this way there are dozens of social issues that affect children’s health. Even if you don’t listen to your parents it may tell upon your health. When students are playing too much game and not listening to their parents. When they don’t listen to their parents they won’t listen to them if they ask the students to eat. Being game or internet alcoholic is not a good thing. Even gruesome reports in print and electronic media concerns children.

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