Editorial February 2015

Dear Readers
February is a month of book fair in Bangladesh with the International Mother Language day being observed. In this month of Language Movement we are proud to think that Bengali is the second highest spoken language by the Muslims in the world. It is second to Arabic only. Publication spree of books, journals, magazines, periodicals etc marks the occasion. Unrest most probably affects every human habit and even the book reading and writing. When uneasy calm prevails over a society it is most likely body, mind and health of people are influenced. In the crossfire of civil unrest people feel helpless. Because of bad surrounding grown-up people try to migrate to foreign countries but children have little scope to escape their motherland. So children become highly affected by the listless situation of a country. So we have covered the concerns of children in a faulty democracy as the cover story of this issue. It focuses how social concerns across the borders concern the children of diverse countries. One of the writers of the cover story is from the UK and he is new in our writers’ list.
Dear Subscribers
Against the background of political instability as a student the only thing you can do for the country is that read vastly. Then you can know why and how politics, economics of our motherland are being criminalized and find a way out. Don’t much concentrate on getting A+ or first class only. Your certificate must match up with your quality and your knowledge should be in proportion to academic result. If you find your knowledge is much higher than your diploma then you should pursue further degree. Diametrically if you find your knowledge is much lesser than your diploma you should concentrate on reading to avoid being dishonored. Return to you soon inshaallah.

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