Three good qualities of a great Muslim

HadithOqbah bin Amer (RAA) reported that the Messenger of Allah said: O Oqbah! Shall I not inform you about the best characters from the inmates of this world and the next? He said: Yes. The Prophet (pbuh) said: You shall keep relationship with one who cut it off from you, you shall give one who disappointed you, and you shall pardon one who oppressed you. (Baihaqi)

Building relationship: Dear readers, building relationship is an important quality of a Muslim. He should have a sound social relationship. He should know how to adjust himself to the social surroundings in which he lives. A Muslim should not be silence, retreating and introverted. He should be free from worry, anxiety and thinking and feeling about himself. He should develop relationship well in society to have a large body of friends and to take a helpful interest in his neighbors. Building social life outside the school will help him a long way to give him happy social adjustments. Building relationships with the people is a good quality of Muslim. Hazrat Ali (RAA) reported that our dearest Prophet (pbuh) has said:   Pardon one who does harm to you; join him who cuts you off, do good to him who does evil to you, and speak the truth although it is against yourself.
Give one who disappointed you: We know that various types of people are living in the society. Sometimes it becomes very much difficult to be adjusted with all kind people. Due to any reason if someone disappointing us in any occasion we should not be hopeless. Islam is a great religion and hearts of the Muslims are also great as well.  Therefore, if any one disappoints me as Muslim I should not disappoint him or her in return. But as per saying of our noble Prophet (pbuh) we should give them who are disappointing us.
Pardon one who oppressed you: Pardon is a virtue which is showing kindness to the others. Allah praised those who restrain anger and pardon men. Pardon is nearer to piety. Pardon signifies a right to which a man is entitled but which he drops without taking revenge. A great heart can pardon and confess mistakes. When the Prophet (pbuh) has conquered the Makkah, he forgot 13 years of merciless persecutions of the Quraish who had driven him from his mother land.  The Qur’an gives great importance to pardon. We also know that kind speech and pardon are better than charity.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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