Don’t look down on your Feet

Kazi Falguni Eshita

StoryFeet – an inseparable and important part of our body. What would happen if Allah created us without our feet? They carry our entire body; they are responsible for our mobility. They aid to many other activities our body performs. Unfortunately, very often women take less care of their feet compared to other body parts. Here are some simple, yet useful tips to keep your feet and legs in good shape:
Heat a reasonable amount of almond or olive oil and massage before shower. This helps to raise the moisture level of the whole body, which even keeps away certain illnesses.
Mix lentil powder, yoghurt, honey and turmeric paste. Apply the mixture generously from thigh to toe. Leave it to dry for twenty minutes. Then wash it off properly in circular movements. This mixture is a very good cleanser and the antiseptic properties of turmeric helps to prevent infection.
In the shower, using mild glycerin soap or a good quality baby soap helps to restore much needed moisture, especially for the legs and feet. A good shower gel can also act as a good substitute of baby soap.
Boil a few Neem leaves and shower with the water to prevent prickly heat and all other itchy problems.
Use pumis stone or loofa to clean ankle properly during shower to avoid cracks and skin irritation due to extra accumulation of dirt and grime.
Before going to bed, soak feet in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes.  Then apply foot lotion or a good moisturizing cream in circular movements. Then use cotton balls to rub off any extra cream. If you have a severely cracked ankle, use a mixture of lemon juice and petroleum jelly every night before drifting off to sleep.
An easy pedicure can be done at home, which will save both time and money. Just mix a little amount of shampoo and about 2 pinches of salt in a small bowl of lukewarm water. After five minutes, rub foot with a scrubber or pumis stone. Remember not to use metal scrubbers, though. Then towel dry and apply a good quality foot cream.
A mixture of rice flour and apple cider vinegar can work as a nice homemade foot scrubber.  If your skin is too dry, add a little amount of almond or olive oil in the mixture.
A mask of banana, coconut oil and milk cream can work wonders for your feet. Just apply for ten minutes and then wash off.
If you have infection in between your toes, use a good antifungal powder.
Remember to cut your toenails at least once a month. If you have nails that tend to break easily, keep a nail file with you all the time.  If you have the tendency to wear nail polish very frequently, leave your nails bare for at least two days a week. Even your nails need to breathe.
You can go for a professional foot spa once a month if your wallet feels heavy enough.

Everyone wishes for a nice pair of feet. Well, at least I do.  Keeping your feet nice does not require too much money or time. All it takes is a little bit of willingness.

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