Women Skin Problems

Kazi Falguni Eshita

StoryWomen always have to keep themselves presentable, no matter what. Nowadays, a lady’s world is not limited to household chores only. She might be working in a multinational company, she might be working as a teacher, and she might also be a student. As a result females have to encounter challenges in a regular basis. To look and feel good, women must fight with certain unwanted skin problems:
Acne: Acne or pimple is one of the most common problems women suffer from. Sometimes there are specific reasons behind it, sometimes it just appears out of the blue.
On the way to university, the lovely aroma and crispy look of various fast food items might seem tempting, but beware! Too much consumption of these will definitely lead to painful, itchy pimples.
On the other hand, stress and illness also causes pimples. Moreover, excess usage of low-quality cosmetics and less intake of liquids results in the irritating skin problem. Prevention is definitely better than cure:
l    Skin has to be cleaned at least twice daily with a branded face wash like Johnsons, Himalaya or Lakme.
l    A mixture of sandalwood powder, neem powder and rosewater can work as a good anti-pimple cleanser.
l    Water, and more water! One should drink eight to ten glasses of water or fresh fruit juice every day. Proper hydration works like magic to stop pimple growth.

Blackheads: Who wants black spots on her nose? None, right? Well, even if they appear, go to a professional beautician to pick them up. This can also be done alone with a pair of tweezers, though that can be a very painful process. Apricot scrubs work well for preventing blackheads.

Under eye pigmentation: Lack of sleep causes black pigmentation under eyes. Grated cucumber can be used on eyes every day for ten minutes to get rid of them. A branded under-eye cream can be used as well.

Sunburns: The scorching rays of the summer sun might be enough to give one’s skin a very dark, dull look if she has to work in the sun for long. Use a mixture of turmeric paste and milk. This not only cures sunburn, but brightens the skin too.
Remember to carry a pair of sun shades and an umbrella whenever going out. A little bit of caution plus a little bit of regular care will aid to say farewell forever to skin problems.

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