The dearest creation in the sight of Allah’s creation

Abdullah and Anas (R.A.A) reported that the Messenger of Allah said: “The creation is the family of Allah. So the dearest of the creations of Allah is he who is the best to His family.” (Baihaqi)

Who deserve the highest place in Paradise?
Dear readers, we know that good conduct is a crown of the Prophets, the truthful and the pious. It is a beacon light for a man who is trying to remain on the path of righteousness, and it is the important shield in the hand of a man in case of struggles. The man of bad conduct will not enter in paradise. The heaviest thing on the Balance will be good conduct. The man of good conduct will have the highest place in Paradise. Our holy Prophet (pbuh) always prayed for good conduct and peace of mind. The holy Prophet (pbuh) was indeed a model of good conduct. If we can use our tongue and private part properly we will get Jannah, Insha Allah.

Guard your tongue:
The man who guards his tongue from unnecessary talk and from eating unlawful things and the man who guards his private parts from strange women shall enter Paradise, because most of the sins spring from these two sources. Sufyan-b-Abdullah(R.A.A) reported: I enquired: O Messenger of Allah! what is the most fearful of what you fear for me? He (pbuh) replied your tongue.  Aslam (R.A.A) reported that one day Umar (R.A.A) went to Abu Bakr (R.A.A) the truthful, while he was pressing his own tongue. Umar (R.A.A) said: Stop, Allah has forgiven you. Abu Bakr (R.A.A) said to him: This has led me to places of destruction. [Malik] There is a famous saying regarding misuse of tongue: “A tongue of two inches can kill a man six fit long.”
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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