Taqwa leads people to Paradise

Abu Hurairah (R.A.A) reported that the messenger of Allah said: Every good deed will be rewarded from ten-to-seven hundred time fold except fasting which is endured for my sake and which I shall reward. (Bukhari)

The excellence of Fasting:
Dear reader, fasting is distinguished from the other pillars of Islam by its special and peculiar position in relation to Allah. To have an idea of the excellence of fasting one has only to remember the words of the Prophet (pbuh), when he said, “By Him in whose hands is my life, the foul breath of the fasting man’s month is more fragrant before Allah and better pleasing to Him than redolent musk.” (Bukhari and Muslim) The excellence of fasting depends on achievement of taqwa.
Fasting develops Taqwa:
Taqwa is one of the most profound concepts in Islam. Taqwa is an avenue by which Muslims relate to one another in society and a means to channel their actions. Because of the great importance of taqwa, it has been referred to numerous times in the Qur’an and Sunnah in order to emphasize its relevance and significance to the Muslims.  The son of ‘Ali (ra), Al-Hasan (ra) once said, “The people who have taqwa (al-muttaqoon) are the people who avoided whatever Allah (swt) has prohibited and have done whatever Allah (swt) has ordained.”
Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) once said, “Taqwa is not by fasting the day and not by praying the night. And it’s not by mixing between the two of them. But taqwa is leaving what Allah (swt) has made Haram and by doing what Allah (swt) has made Fard. After one has done this, Allah (swt) will provide good things for that person.”
Taqwa in Ahadith:
The Prophet (pbuh) said, “The most common thing which leads people to Paradise is taqwa of Allah and good conduct, and the most common thing which leads people to the Hell Fire is the mouth and the private parts.” [Tirmidhi]
Hadrat Hasan Basri said, “Taqwa is the basis of Deen. Desire and greed destroy this basis.”
Finally we like to say that taqwa is the shunning of everything and anything that causes a deficiency in one’s relationship with Allah.
May Allah give us the ability to cultivate taqwa in our daily lives and grant us paradise.
Md. Moshiur Rahman
Islami Bank International School & College

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