As I see Cyberschooling

Abdul Muhaimen Tahsin
Year 6, Cubitt Town Junior School, London

StoryWithin the past year, the local IT Company attempted to introduce Cyberschool, a project that ensures children are educated in a unique way. What the government hopes about the school is it would be a better way of learning. This way of learning, however, had different opinions: some people agree to start Cyberschool while others don’t. So, in this report, I will cover the thoughts of Cyberschool and write my opinion.
Many people (and especially children) love computing–playing an awful lot of games which is not helpful at any cost. Why does not computing reflect in a more positive way so that it can help children – to learning for instance? Well, Cyberschool is one of the greatest options to learn. This means children can watch a lesson many times improving their understanding; they will eventually have better education with the help of Cyberschooling. A recent survey found that approximately 120 pupils turned to Cyberschool and had good results with massive improvement in their grades.
But many social friendships have been shattered; cyber-bullying became a more popular problem as children don’t even see their friends so they talk to their online ‘friend’… then some random bullies get their address and texts inappropriate insulting abuses causing catastrophe. Furthermore, healthiness has fallen like Humpty Dumpty. Parents and researchers found that children eat unhealthy food as there is no limit and rules for what to eat. Even normal schools provide nourishing lunches. As children work on their computers all day, it is found that pupils in Cyberschool are most likely to get eye infections. These problems are getting worse every day in Cyberschool.
In conclusion, I strongly believe Cyberschooling is most likely to harm us! Although it has fantastic education, normal schools have too plus, normal schools provide healthy meals and regular fresh air. Teachers can deal with bullying and other problems while Cyberschools can’t. That’s why Cyberschool should not be introduced.

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