The gift of believer

Abdullah bin Amr (RAA) reported that the Messenger of Allah said, the gift of a believer is death. (Bahaqi)

Body is recharged by life:
Dear readers, we know that man is composed of body, life and soul. Body is an instrument which is recharged by life. Body of a man is like a horse which is necessary for reaching a goal. If the goal is reached, there is no necessity of it. Birth is the first stage of this world’s journey while death is first stage of eternal journey to Heaven. After death the body is not required in this green world.
Life and soul:
Life is related with material world while soul is of the spiritual world. With the end of life in this world, a man is transferred from the material world to the spiritual world. Soul is everlasting. The object of soul is to attain the love of Allah. If the object is reached, the body is not needed in this world. Soul is from order of Allah. Everything returns to its origin.  Therefore, after death soul will return its origin i.e. Allah.
Death is a reward for a believer:
There is no opportunity to escape from it. Death makes no distinction between high and low, rich and poor. The greatest personalities of the, past and present, were subject to this fate. The highest intelligent man of the globe or the greatest scientist could not invent a plan to avoiding it. Death is a reward for a believer because this world is prison house for him due to his living within temptations of passions, sins and worldly vanities. Death takes him out from these troubles. Hence it is a gift and an advantage for believer.  Everything having breath in the world must die. Death is nothing but turning point of a man.
Md. Moshiur Rahman

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