Editorial February 2014

PicDear Readers,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
If you are reading this piece of writing, you have curiosity of learning the new and I am sure you depend on writings, both online and offline, to learn. Very recently, a lot of readers are reading their necessities in the world of web, however, look back over a decade only when books were the major source of learning the unknown of the world and the universe. Although, too many youths are reading ‘facebook’ today, we, as well wishers of our readers, always suggest reading book, books and books. This issue of Youth Wave reaches to you and we expect you, the reader, will invite more people to read this and the others available around you. The current issue is on books and it is dedicated to you!
In February, the month of International Mother Language Day and Ekushey book fair, we would like to invite those of our readers who are capable of writing something creative in better English to write for Youth Wave! If you have to dream to become a writer or a journalist in the future, you can start now and YW will be a very good platform for you in this regard. If you are interested, grab a pen or the keyboard, start writing and email us as soon as you are ready with the finished piece of writing. We will do the rest to make you a good writer!
We are looking forward to your email!
Fee Amanillah

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