Editorial November 2013

Dear readers

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Hope you are ok by the special mercy of Allah in such junction of time in Bangladesh. How many gadgets are there in the world of technologies may be a big questions for a common man of the planet. An old Bangla saying goes: Passers-by create a path but walkway doesn’t create the walker. When needs be a walker walks to create a walkway. But gadget companies are creating the necessity in the people. These technology giants are investing on the innovators/scientists/researchers, advertising the newer technologies in around 10 thousand print and 20 thousand electronic and visual media, inventing more and more gadgets to make the humanity hilariously dependent on apps. Apps to make happy is most welcome. But warfare gadgets like nuclear bomb, rifles, grenade, drone etc are nothing but to kill the users of the apps like computer, iPhone are not acceptable. Deranged developers of destructive devices are destroying the world. In the cover story of this issue that’s why delves deep into development and deployment of drone for destruction. Hope you will like it. Take care.

Allah hafez

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