Living in an Aquarium

Zaidul Hasan

Do you have an aquarium? With Goldfish and some other colorful fishes? They really make your room look beautiful, don’t they? They are swimming all the day in the water. Sleeping there.

Reaching at the top of the water whenever you give food. It looks nice. Have you ever thought of living in the aquarium? Well, how can that be possible? You’re not a fish. Neither are you functioned to live underwater. But yet maybe you can.
Yes! You can live underwater. You can live with fish and other beautiful creatures living underwater. Not like the fish. But almost like in an aquarium style. Thanks to the progress of science and building technology. There are some unique underwater hotels that will allow you to stay, eat, and sleep under the water. Let’s get to know about some such hotels.
The first ever underwater hotel is Jules’ underwater hotel. This hotel was actually started as a marine lab in 1970 in near Puerto Rico. Later in 1986 it was changed into a hotel and moved to Key Largo, Florida. It is 30 feet under the ocean water. The only way for the guest to reach in the hotel is through scuba diving. If you’re not a certified diver, you’ll have to go through a three hour training of scuba diving to reach the hotel.
Another underwater hotel is Utter Inn in Vasteras, Sweden. It’s built in a lake. There’s a typical Swedish building in the surface that connects with the underwater part of the hotel. The underwater part is 3 meters deep from the surface. The underwater part is connected by ladders with the surface building.
The Hilton Maldives resort and spa is making its place in the list as one of the best underwater hotels. It’s located about 5 meters below the water. This hotel allows a very panoramic view. The transparent walls around you will let you feel the thrill in its full. You may see a huge fish swimming over you.
There are some under construction hotels too that are going make the list of the underwater hotels rich.
In Fiji, Poseidon Undersea Resort is being constructed. It’s the first of a chain underwater five-star resort project. This resort is being built 40 feet under the water. It will have the luxuries of a five-star hotel. This hotel will have 22 guest rooms, one restaurant and a bar, a library, spa and one luxury suit. Nonetheless it will have a wedding chapel too, all underwater.
Dubai seems to be in a challenge in building with the world. They are building two underwater hotels in there waters. Hydropolis is going is to be one of the most beautiful and most awesome hotels in the world. Probably it will be the deepest underwater hotel too. The hotel will be 66 feet under the water when built. The design of the hotel is lucrative and unique.
The Apeiron Hotel is the other hotel that’ll be partially underwater. This will be a seven-star hotel.
The visitors in Istanbul, Turkey may have a chance to view the most spectacular ocean views on the planet in future. A seven story underwater hotel has been proposed to be built on a formerly tobacco factory. It is supposed to be a seven-star underwater hotel. The hotel will have exhibition halls and restaurant. All the rooms will be sea facing.
Having known about all these hotels, you may wish to live like in the aquarium for once. I’m having the wish myself. It’s a magnificent view to imagine that I’m sitting with tons of blue water around me. Maybe tonight I’ll dream about being in an underwater hotel with beautiful fishes swimming above me. After all, dream doesn’t cost.


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