Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World

Here, we are going to classify 10 fastest animals in the world or I should say 10 fastest land mammals on earth. These animals are land animal and not flying animal or aquatic. Though, Cheetah is the fastest on the list, it is slow compare to the max speed of peregrine falcon that can dive off the air 202 mph max.

Cheetah (70mph/113kmph)
Cheetah is popularly known as the fastest predator on earth. However, they cannot keep their speed more than 10 minutes; their burst of speed is famous as one of the greatest wonder of Nature. Today fastest Cheetah is named Sarah, a female cheetah that protected in Cincinnati Zoo.
Pronghorn antelope (61 mph/ 98 kmph)
Pronghorn antelope is an original mammal from central north America and western. The antelope is known as the fastest land mammal in northern side of the earth after the extinct of American Cheetah.

Lion (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Lion is another cat family that born with speed. However, Compare to Cheetah they are slower, lion is bigger. It is not rare that Lion takes Cheetah prey when they met.

Thomson’s gazelle (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Thomson’s gazelle is the habitant of Serengeti. They are herbivore and prey of many carnivores on the vast plain. Though they are slower compare to lion, this gazelle has longer stamina and faster maneuver.
Wildebeest (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Wildebeest is another herbivore and favorite food of all carnivores in the wild. They are big, rarely separated from their herd and they have strong legs that can kill cheetah or lion once it hit their vital points

Springbok (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Springbok is a medium size herbivore from Antelope family. They are beauty, has great stamina and can jump from 3,5 to 15 meters high upward of forward.
Quarter horse (47.5 mph/ 76 kmph)
Quarter Horse of known as American Quarter is famous horse breed in America. Since 20th century, human used them in speed competitions.

Cape hunting dog (45 mph/72 kmph)
Cape Hunting Dog or Lycaon pictus is a carnivore with a strong bite. Their 42 teeth has bite force 142. They have the strongest bite force in nature.

Elk (45 mph/ 72 kmph)
Elk or Wapiti is known as the largest mammal in East Asia and North America. Elk is the biggest family of Moose. They can run fast and it is one of equipment nature give to them to survive against predator threat.

Coyote (43 mph/69 kmph)
Coyote is a medium predator and thief. They can run fast and jump high. It is 13 feet up to 4 meters. One of amazing feature of the 10th fastest animal is their hearing ability. They can hear frequency at 80 KHz. Most house cats, dogs and wolves are hearing in frequency level 60khz.

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