Youth Conference: a viable way to know about your responsibility

Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Youth is the change maker and the driver of tomorrow’s world. Any positive change is possible by the active part of youth. The future world and its beautification relies on youth. So every year there are a different youth conferences around the world to flourish the potentialities of the youth, to make them aware of their rights and responsibilities to the world and the generations to come. Here we would find out some such sorts of conferences which is going to be held for the youth and their capacity building. The World Youth Congress is one of them which takes place bi-annually and brings together youth activists with professionals from governments, UN Agencies and international NGOs. The Congress will bring together hundreds of young people (age 18-30) from around the world. They will include young development activists, young media professionals, young educators, young artists, young entrepreneurs, young health professionals, disadvantaged young people, young athletes for development, virtual delegates, and young environmentalists.

The main goals of the Congress are:

  • To promote youth led development as a constructive and effective way to make poverty history,
  • To accelerate momentum towards the achievement of the MDGs
  • To encourage  the development of green, sustainable entrepreneurship

The Congresses have a strong educational component, including skills workshops, round table discussions and a community action component where delegates work on local projects in the host country and share best practice. The 6th World Youth Congress will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Here goes the link for knowing details:

Another prestigious conference for youth would be held at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA from February 17-20, 2012. This conference would mainly shed light on the Asia because in the past century, Asia has captivated the world’s attention with its ability to preserve ancient traditions while still adapting to the modern times. In particular, rapid growth and development experienced in countries like China and India have changed international dynamics. As Asia becomes increasingly more influential with each country striving to make its mark in the global arena, they face new challenges and are confronted with new domestic and international issues. How will countries respond to issues such as the threat of nuclear proliferation in North Korea and Pakistan’s critical role in global counter-terrorism efforts? How can they balance economic growth and environmentalism? What role should the media and entrepreneurs play in shaping politics and the economies in these countries? By addressing these questions in a forum of open debate, the HPAIR 2012 Harvard Conference hopes to stimulate discussion concerning these significant questions. Just as Asian countries work towards building a more vibrant future, by reflecting on the successes and failures of the past and assessing relations with other countries, delegates will utilize their past experiences to build the future, a pursuit that will prove critical for success.

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations will also arrange another conference for the youth which would be held  be held in Taipei in 2012, hosted by National Chengchi University. As Harvard’s largest annual student connection in Asia, the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations creates a forum of exchange and facilitates discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1991, the annual HPAIR conferences have brought together students from the world’s foremost universities and leaders in the fields of government, business, culture, and academia.

Continuing its tradition of academic excellence, the Harvard Conference seeks to create a rigorous forum for dialogue and exchange. The 2012 conference will invite both international students and Harvard students to come together in February for four days. With the theme of “Cross Cultural Connections: Weaving New Silk Roads”, conference attendees will explore pertinent issues concerning the Asia region, including foreign policy, public health, environmental issues, media, and entrepreneurship. Attendees will have the opportunity to investigate these issues in-depth through plenary sessions, panel sessions, seminars, and case-studies. For knowing details about these two conferences, this link will be helpful:

2012-2013 Near East & South Asia  Undergraduate Exchange Program is one of the most prestigious youth program totally funded by the US State Department highlighting to the building a responsible youth who will be the change maker of the world by their virtue of knowledge and respect to other culture. The Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program, NESA UGRAD, is a part of GLOBAL UGRAD, a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State. NESA UGRAD will award scholarships to outstanding students from countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia for one-year of undergraduate, non-degree studies programs in the United States at a diverse network of accredited two- and four-year institutions.  Participants will be enrolled full-time and will live on-campus with an American roommate.  Participants will not select host institutions and placements will not be changed.  Possible fields of study include, but are not limited to, the humanities, arts, social sciences, mathematical science, natural and physical sciences, and applied science.

Eligibility Requirements: Competition for the NESA UGRAD program is merit-based.  Candidates will be considered without respect to race, color, religion, national origin, or gender. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The competition is open to anyone who:

  • Is a citizen, national or permanent resident qualified to hold a valid passport issued by the country from which applicant is applying;
  • Is completing his/her final year of secondary school or enrolled in first-, second-, third-year fulltime undergraduate study at the time of application at a registered academic institution in his/her country and is in good academic standing.
  • Part-time students or correspondence students are not eligible;
  • Is between the ages of 18-25;
  • Submits a complete application with all required documents by the application deadline;
  • Is able to begin the academic exchange program in the United States in August 2012;
  • Is able to receive and maintain a J-1 visa;
  • Is committed to returning to his/her home country after completion of the program; and
  • Is proficient in spoken and written English at the time of application.

The “International Conference on Climate Change and Humanity2012” is another esteemed conference for the youth.  ICCCH is an international forum for state-of-the-art research in Climate Change and Humanity. International Conference on Climate Change and Humanity (ICCCH 2012) will be held in Singapore during February 26-28, 2012. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of Climate Change and Humanity. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Climate Change and Humanity related techniques. All submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability. Submissions will be chosen based on technical merit, interest, applicability, and how well they fit a coherent and balanced technical program.

23rd International Youth Leadership Conference which would be held in Prague would pave a new way for the youth to test their leadership skills. Our week-long youth forum on world politics, international relations and justice will give you an opportunity to test your leadership skills, debate current issues, deliver speeches, draft resolutions, make executive decisions, and realize through experience the complexities of international relations.  The main objective of the International Youth Leadership Conference is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. Their interaction provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the week, provides an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure.

Finally, youth conference is indeed a nice way to build worldwide networking and dream for a prosperous world by minimizing cultural gaps. By taking part in any of these youth conferences or others unmentioned, youth can rethink about them, their responsibility to the world and sustainable environment.

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