Knowledge is power

    O my Lord! Increase me in knowledge.
    Surah : Ta-Ha, Verse : 114

What is knowledge?
Dear brothers and sisters, do we know what knowledge is? Knowledge is the information, understanding and skills that a man gains through education or experience. There are two type of knowledge: the derived knowledge and revealed knowledge. Knowledge is power. Islam is not only a theoretical system of life, but also serves as a practical guidance to the human needs. Islam considers that knowledge is the first step of Imaan. Knowledge is important in order to practice the commandments of Allah in a proper and correct way in our everyday life.

The importance of knowledge:
We know that the first five verses revealed by Allah, gives the importance of acquiring knowledge. Acquiring knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman. Among all the immeasurable creations of Almighty Allah only human beings have the power of thinking and understanding. Our dearest prophet (pbuh) was sent down by Allah with the mission of teaching the people and purifying them with proper knowledge and wisdom so that they may be able to fulfill the instructions of Allah in proper way in all aspects of their lives. Because, a man without knowledge is like a drinker who does not know whether the drink he is going to consume contains poison or honey.

What is the foundation of every good thing?
Imam Ibnul Qayyum has said: The foundation of every good is knowledge and justice, and the roots of all evil are ignorance and transgression. Another Islamic scholar Imam Ghazali has said: Knowledge exists potentially in the human soul like the seed in the soil; by learning knowledge becomes actual. May Allah the Almighty gives us the ability to acquire proper knowledge for the salvation of this worldly life and for the prosperity in life after death.

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Principal, Islami Bank International School & Colle

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