Regret for Lost time

Whatever have I lost
Is my valuable time
Whatever have I got
Is not mine.
Whatever should I’ve done
I did, of them, none.
I spent a vast time in vain
Now I regret for the cause of my pain
I’ve done whatever should I not
Now I’m undone, I am caught
In the net of failure.

Everybody surrounding me shines
Except I who am as past remain
Now I regret for my valuable time
That’s more precious than diamond
Any other jewel is less precious, less fine.
My loss is irrevocable which has no cure
Could I use it! I could shine I’m sure.
I pray to the Almighty a gift
O Lord, give me chance for a lift
Up to the expected height.

Now I swear of doing
Whatever is good and glowing
With the light of hope
I holdfast a tight rope.
To be successful in our life
Let’s do the best use of our valuable time.

Writer: Sheikh Riyaz

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